Build Your Business Without Doing The Work

Time is money. You can’t always be at the office and you need to avoid wasting time managing unreliable freelancers. 

You have too much work to do to build Your business and it’s all piling up. Your inbox is most likely littered with tasks that are never completed, or take too long to get done. More work means more hours and less time to spend with your loved ones.

 Instead of working on revenue generating tasks, you’re stuck on admin-type tasks.

Most small business owners find themselves juggling too many balls in the air at once, swamped with taking on too much work, and feeling like you’re drowning in your own task list everyday.

Thats why we want to help you offload tasks at an affordable price while also being able to grow and scale your business.

build your business

What if someone else could do those tasks for you? How would you spend a few extra hours each week if you could free up time?

Hi, my name is Zivko, founder of DoneMaker and I’ve always believed that working smarter is better than working harder. Sadly, we tend to get stuck realizing how much work we have to do, and end up focusing on that instead of getting it done. Paperwork mounts up, social media accounts are in danger of being left unattended and essential marketing tasks go undone. When we made DoneMaker we had a simple goal in mind, to help business owners feel more empowered, stress less, and get things done. We want to help your business scale and grow, and prevent you from having to search for VA’s, hire unreliable freelancers, or vet workers who may be inexperienced and not provide the quality of work you expect.

With a lot of traditional small businesses and startups struggling to bring their business online, many have turned to freelancer marketplaces like UpWork and Fiverr to outsource their tasks.

When posting your project on freelancer marketplaces, it can be hard to tell who is actually qualified to complete your task and who is not. DoneMaker was created to solve this problem. Take control of your business by offloading tasks to a reliable service and free up time to focus on growing your business. With a few simple steps, you can let the DoneMaker team know what you need completed, from website tasks to e-commerce store issues, advertising and marketing to technical web support tasks.

If you are spending hours per week updating your website, figuring out how to use plugins, conducting social media and SEO activities, wouldn’t it make sense to outsource so that you can start focusing on the items you’re most skilled at and enjoy doing to build your business? Maybe you’re not skilled like a designer or you don’t have the time to fix your website yourself, and you can’t afford to hire someone else to do all the work. You know you need work done on your website, marketing, or technical tasks, but you’re too busy doing what you do best in your business.

build your business

Customers can quickly offload their task on the website, fill in the required details and select suitable delivery dates, and the work is done for them. The processing of the tasks undergoes three significant phases – Info, Approval, and Completion. Once receiving the details of the task, the team completes it typically within 24 hours. Once it is approved, it’s ready for delivery.

DoneMaker comes with two convenient payment options – Monthly Flat Fees and Pay-Per-Task option. These include unlimited revisions, unlimited tasks, and unlimited request services., allows the easy scalability of a business.

Invest in a service that can help, like DoneMaker. Focus on what you love, instead of putting out fires every day.


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