Close More Clients Per Month With Our Proven Sales Development Process.
We're a Canadian boutique sales development agency that builds 100% done-for-you
authentic, strategic & hyper-targeted outreach campaigns that deliver sales opportunities with your ICPs.


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Featured Testimonial

"I can honestly say that we haven't had anyone come close to the results we've achieved with the team at DoneMaker. If your organization is looking for a much more targeted and focused approach towards we would highly recommend the DoneMaker team."

Paul Torreggiani - VP Business Development, InventoRR MD

Our LinkedIn Organic Outreach Process

We believe that outreach automations & AI-messages reduce networking opportunities, decrease chances of engaging,
and lower booking rate. That's why our outreach approach is done by real people, follow-up messages are personalized,
calls are booked directly on your calendar, and each campaign has a dedicated account manager for open and continuous communication.
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Featured Testimonial

I can't stress enough how transformative this has been. Not only did they free up my schedule by taking charge of prospect vetting and qualification, but they also gave me the bandwidth to reach out to my ideal clients.

Stacy Stanley Young - CEO, Stanley Young Business Strategies

Sales Development For B2B Service Providers

The outcome we focus on
is closed deals

We are a team of dedicated and focused sales & marketing experts who have mastered cold outreach to get the best results for business owners, entrepreneurs, and large organizations. The calls we book for you through our proven methods have the highest chance of conversion because we connect you only with your ideal products that are expressing interest in your services

Our goal is to be your Strategic Partner

We feel that in order to get you the best results, the right thing to do is to become your strategic partner and help you in the process of closing the prospects we connect you with. Our is to understand your business to help you grow it through our 3 core services of lead generation. Working with us means we are an extension of your company and you can trust us to get the results for you.

The right way of scaling your business

Client acquisition is the right way of scaling your business because it provides cash flow to support all aspects of your business. Our core services and proven methods of getting you new connected with new clients are simple to implement, no training required and saves you valuable time you might waste on trial & error to figure out how to develop a sales funnel full of potential clients

Get More Clients in less time

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DoneMaker is a sales development agency. We build strategic, hyper-targeted outreach campaigns to find your ideal client. Our team of appointment setters will make the first initial contact with your prospects, qualify them for you, and book them into your calendar for you to close them on a follow-up call. 

Traditional Digital Agencies and Lead Gen services aim to get you high volume but low quality leads. We’ve changed that! Our proven model gets your offer in front of the right people, nurtures them for you until they book the call, and then we hand off your ideal prospect for you to do the closing.

Let's chat today!"

- Zivko Dodovski
CEO, DoneMaker

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Featured Testimonial

Think about how much time you're currently spending on prospecting. If you could eliminate that step, just imagine how much you could accomplish with that time.

Katelyn - Head of Business Development, Intellimeter

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