Case study

How we added
5 clients in the first 2 months
for J Baker Media

Client Name: Jaclyn Baker
Company: J Baker Media
Industry: Social Media Management
Ideal Client Profile (ICP): Local Businesses


J Baker Media, led by the dynamic Jaclyn, specializes in offering digital marketing solutions tailored for small business owners. The primary challenge was to effectively penetrate the saturated market of small businesses and convert prospects into paying clients. With a vast and diverse target audience, the task was to reach these businesses and demonstrate the unique value J Baker Media could offer..



DoneMaker’s strategy for J Baker Media was:

  • Segmented Targeting: Identifying and focusing on specific segments within the small business market for personalized outreach.
  • Compelling Messaging: Developing clear, impactful messages that resonate with the unique needs of small business owners.
  • Performance Tracking: Utilizing advanced analytics to measure engagement and tweak strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Long Term Impact

The partnership with DoneMaker had a significant impact on J Baker Media:

  • Market Penetration: The focused approach allowed J Baker Media to penetrate the small business market effectively.
  • Client Base Growth: Acquiring new clients provided a solid foundation for future business growth and expansion.
  • Reputation Enhancement: Successfully signing clients quickly enhanced J Baker Media’s reputation as an effective digital marketing provider for small businesses.

5 Clients

Closed 5 clients in the first 2 months


Booked Prospects Per Month


Engaged Prospects Per Month


Connection Rate Per Month



This case study underscores the effectiveness of DoneMaker’s lead generation strategies in the competitive digital marketing landscape. For J Baker Media, the campaign achieved immediate client acquisition goals and laid a foundation for sustained growth and success in serving small business owners. The case is a testament to the power of targeted, data-driven marketing strategies to achieve tangible business results.

The results used in this case study are based on the first 2 months of J Baker Media’s campaign. 

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