Case study

How we added
+$14K in sales in one month
for Jones & Lamb LLP

Client Name: Justin Lamb
Company: Jones & Lamb LLP
Industry: Legal and Accounting Services
Ideal Client Profile (ICP): Lawyers and Accountants


In the competitive sectors of legal and accounting services, Jones & Lamb LLP, under the expert guidance of Justin Lamb, aimed to elevate their market presence and client base. The primary challenge was effectively reaching and converting high-value clients within a tight timeframe, specifically targeting lawyers and accountants.



DoneMaker’s strategy for Jones & Lamb LLP was hyper-focused:

  • Niche Targeting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Concentrating on law firms’ and accountants’ unique needs.
  • Engage with LinkedIn Organic Outreach: Manually connect, engage, qualify, and book interested prospects.
  • Analytics and Feedback: Constantly analyze the performance and tweak strategies for optimized results.

Long Term Impact

The partnership with Jones & Lamb LLP marked a turning point in their business trajectory:

  • Enhanced Market Position: Jones & Lamb LLP experienced a substantial increase in its visibility and appeal within the legal and accounting sectors.
  • Strategic Client Acquisition: The campaign attracted high-value clients and aligned perfectly with Jones & Lamb LLP’s service offerings.
  • Revenue Growth: The significant sales figures achieved in just one month highlighted the potential for sustained revenue growth.


Closed +$14K in sales in one month


Booked Prospects Per Month


Engaged Prospects Per Month


Connection Rate Per Month


This case study demonstrates the transformative effect of a well-executed lead generation strategy in the legal and accounting sectors. Jones & Lamb LLP’s success indicates the power of targeted marketing and the importance of understanding and addressing the specific needs of your audience. It is a model for similar firms looking to impact a crowded market significantly.

The results used in this case study are based on a 2 month period of Jones & Lamb LLP’s campaign. 

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