The importance of authenticity in sales: My Journey to Building Genuine Connections

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Join me, Zivko, as I share my journey in the sales world, highlighting effective sales strategies, the benefits of authenticity, and practical tips for incorporating authenticity into your sales calls. Discover how authenticity can transform your connections and drive sales success.

I was an ambitious young professional constantly looking for new opportunities to connect with potential clients and expand my network. I’d heard about the effectiveness of authentic sales and decided to give it a shot. Little did I know that this journey would teach me a lesson that would become the cornerstone of my career – the importance of authenticity in sales calls.

Strategies for Authentic Sales Calls


Eager to kickstart my LinkedIn outreach campaign, I meticulously crafted a profile highlighting my skills and expertise. Armed with a list of potential leads, I initiated connection requests and engaged with my network. Soon enough, responses started pouring in, and I began scheduling authentic sales calls.

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Benefits of an Authentic Sales Call

One of the most memorable calls was with Lisa, a marketing manager at a medium-sized company. Lisa had been inundated with sales pitches in the past, and she had grown weary of them. When I contacted her on LinkedIn, she was initially skeptical but accepted the connection request due to our shared industry.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 54% of buyers perceive most salespeople as pushy.

Be Sincere and Genuine from the Start

Embarking on my initial sales calls, I couldn’t shake off the excitement and nervousness. I had prepared a pitch, but something was missing – I felt I needed to be more than just another salesperson. I needed to be genuine.

Being an authentic salesperson is akin to tending a garden. You don’t force the flowers to bloom; you provide the right conditions, nourishment, and care, and they flourish naturally.

Listen and Understand Before Pitching

My first call was with Mark, a business owner who had accepted my connection request. The tension was palpable as the call began. It was clear that Mark was wary of being pitched something, and I knew I had to break through that barrier. I chose a different approach.

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What sets authenticity apart from just being nice? Authenticity goes beyond being nice; it involves being authentic, transparent, and genuinely interested in the other person’s needs and challenges.

Offer Value, Not Just a Product

“Hi, Mark,” I started with a warm and friendly tone, “I’m not here to give you a hard sell or push our product on you. I genuinely believe our offer could benefit your business, but I’d like to learn more about your needs and see if there’s a good fit. Can you tell me more about your goals and challenges?”

The Astonishing Results of Authenticity

This first experience taught me a vital lesson: authenticity can break down walls and create genuine connections. I continued applying this approach in subsequent sales calls, and the results were remarkable. People responded positively to my openness and transparency. They appreciated that I wasn’t solely focused on making a sale but genuinely aimed to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions.

A Salesforce report found that 71% of buyers will likely engage with a salesperson who understands their needs.

Overcoming Skepticism with Authenticity

During our call, I sensed Lisa’s hesitance. Rather than immediately launching into my pitch, I said, “Lisa, I know you’ve likely had your fair share of sales calls, and I don’t want to be just another salesperson adding to your inbox clutter. I genuinely believe our services could benefit your marketing efforts, but I’d love to hear more about your challenges and what you’re looking for.”

Is authenticity a one-size-fits-all approach in sales? No, authenticity is adaptable. It means being genuine while tailoring your approach to meet each prospect’s unique needs and preferences.

Tips for Embracing Authenticity in Sales


Continuing to build my network and make sales calls, my reputation as an authentic and empathetic salesperson grew. People started referring me to their connections, knowing I would approach conversations with integrity and a genuine desire to help.

Transparency is Key

One day, I received a connection request from Alex, a seasoned entrepreneur who had heard about me through a mutual connection. Alex had a history of being skeptical about salespeople but decided to connect with me out of curiosity. Always eager to make meaningful connections, I accepted the request.

Honest Communication

Our initial conversation differed from other sales calls I had experienced. Alex was straightforward, asking me why I thought my company’s services would benefit his business. I replied honestly, explaining our specific value to his industry. However, I also admitted needing to determine if our services fit perfectly and suggested we explore the idea further.

Can authenticity in sales lead to vulnerability? While authenticity may involve vulnerability, it also builds trust. Being open about your limitations and seeking solutions can strengthen client relationships.

Collaboration and Trust

Impressed by my candidness, Alex agreed to a follow-up meeting. During our subsequent discussions, we collaborated closely to understand the nuances of his business and how we could provide tailored solutions. I was willing to admit when I didn’t have all the answers and sought input from my colleagues to ensure we could deliver the best possible solution.

My company and I ultimately won Alex’s trust and began working together. Alex later confided in me that my authenticity and willingness to be transparent had set me apart from the countless other salespeople who had tried to pitch him over the years.

My journey in the sales world has taught me a valuable lesson: the importance of being authentic in every interaction. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the key to building trust, credibility, and lasting relationships. Whether making sales calls on LinkedIn or engaging with potential clients in any other way, remember that authenticity is your most potent weapon. 

When you approach each conversation with sincerity, a desire to understand the other person’s needs, and a willingness to be transparent, you’ll make sales and create meaningful connections that can last a lifetime.

So, channel your inner me the next time you pick up the phone for a sales call or send that initial LinkedIn message. Be genuine, be empathetic, and watch as the doors of opportunity swing wide open, all thanks to the power of authenticity in sales. 

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