Case study

How we added
55 Sales Opportunities
for Progress Guru

Client Name: Robert Sefman
Company: Progress Guru
Industry: Business Consulting
Ideal Client Profile (ICP): Startup CEOs


Progress Guru aimed to broaden its influence among CEOs and business owners. The challenge lay in not only reaching this elite group but engaging them effectively to lay the groundwork for potential service collaboration.



DoneMaker used Alex Hormozi’s strategy for Progress Guru:

  • Targeted outreach with LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A communication strategy tailored to the interests and challenges of CEOs and business owners.
  • Engage with LinkedIn Organic Outreach: Customizing interactions to meet the specific needs and business contexts of potential clients
  • Data-driven Optimization: Analyzing engagement data to continuously refine outreach efforts.

Long Term Impact

Over six months, the collaboration led to:

  • Consistent Connection Rate: A 31% conversion rate, indicating the strategy’s effectiveness.
  • Extensive Call Bookings: Over 55 calls booked with potential clients, underscoring the strategy’s sustained appeal..

55 Calls

Booked Calls In 6 Months

150 Prospects

Engaged Prospects in 6 months


Connection Rate Average in 6 Months


This case study demonstrates how DoneMaker’s targeted, data-driven lead generation strategies can significantly enhance client engagement and business growth opportunities, especially for markets targeting high-level professionals like CEOs and business owners.

The results used in this case study are based on a 6 month period of Progres Guru’s campaign. 

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