Case study

How we crated
24 Sales Opportunities
in a narrow niche
for Inventor RMD

Client Name: Paul Torreggiani
Company: Inventor RMD
Industry: Medical Device Innovation
Ideal Client Profile (ICP):  Acute & Trauma Surgeons


The challenge was effectively connecting with this highly specialized and busy target audience. The aim was to introduce them to Inventor RMD’s cutting-edge products and establish meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.



DoneMaker’s strategy for Inventor RMD was hyper-focused:

  • Niche Targeting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Using advanced filters and hacks to create a very targeted list.
  • Engage with LinkedIn Organic Outreach: Manually connect, engage, qualify, and book interested prospects.
  • Analytics and Feedback: Constantly analyze the performance and tweak strategies for optimized results.

Long Term Impact

The partnership between Inventor RMD and DoneMaker led to:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Inventor RMD’s brand and products gained significant recognition among the target audience.
  • Strategic Connections: The booked calls provided opportunities for in-depth discussions, potentially leading to collaborations and sales.
  • Industry Footprint Expansion: The campaign effectively expanded Inventor RMD’s footprint in the medical device industry.

25 Calls

Booked Prospects in 3 months

80 Prospects

Engaged Prospects in 3 Months


Connection Rate Average in 3 Months


This case study underscores the effectiveness of DoneMaker’s specialized lead generation strategies in the highly specialized field of medical device innovation. For Inventor RMD, the targeted approach resulted in successful engagements with critical medical professionals and set the stage for potential long-term collaborations and business growth within the medical community.

The results used in this case study are based on a 3 month period of Inventor RMD’s campaign. 

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