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Managing Your Google Ad Grant

We help non profit organizations have a bigger impact by managing their Google Ad Grant

More Donations

Reaching new possible donators for your Non Profit through PPC (Paid Ads) and Linkedin Cold Outreach. We will manage all your ads in Google and messages in Linkedin.

Bigger Impact

Helping your message reach more people and leave a bigger impact using PPC (Pay Per Click), Outreach marketing and Email Customer Reactivation

New Members

You will recieve new memebers for your cause by using outreach services and optimizing or redesigning your platform for better range.

The google Ad Grants program gives registered non profit organizations $10,000 per month to spend on google ads.

Many non profit organizations do not know about the Google Ad Grants program, or do not have the skills to effectively use the $10,000 per month in google ads budget.

We help non profit organizations use their Google Ad Grant to help them get more donations, have a bigger message reach, and get new member subscriptions.
  • Setting up your, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console
  • Creating & Structuring Google Ads Campaign
  • Create your Search, Retargeting, and YouTube Ads.
  • Writing Ad Content and Image design for Display Ads
  • Keyword research and performance optimization
  • Daily optimization of all Google Ads Campaigns
  • $500 Setup Fee
  • 15% of total ads spend per month optimization fee
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Ask Us Anything

Google Ad Grants FAQ

Yes, Donemaker will create, deploy and manage the ads.

We can make many types of Ads to anme a few of the most popular:

  1. Search  – Text ads on Google search results
  2. Display – Image ads on websites or on Gmail
  3. Smart – Simplified automated ads on Google
  4. Local – Drive customers to a physical location
  5. Discovery  – Runs ads across Google’s feeds while open

The total amount of money that Google provides when accepted the aplication is:

$10.000 Monthly only for Google ads.

Yes, if any of the rules are broken or your website is no longer eligable you will lose the grant.

The service fee is not payed from the Google ad grant.

Your non for profit pays the DoneMaker fee with your funds or other grants.

Yes, there are specific rules that we must follow to stay eligable for the Google Grants Program. Click to see website policies & Google ad grants policies.

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