DoneMaker is an unlimited web and marketing task-based service. It’s like having a dedicated tech and marketing team without the hefty price tag. You get unlimited task requests for a flat monthly fee. Cancel anytime. Simply delegate your tasks to us and our team will complete them one at a time. You can view our list of tasks that we can accomplish for you here: https://donemaker.com/pricing/

You can try DoneMaker for FREE with our Pay-Per-Task plan. There are no monthly fees, no contracts, and you only pay $30 per task. You will have 1 active task at a time and it takes DoneMaker 1 business day to complete a task.

Our business hours are 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday, except holidays. If you add a task to your queue at the end of Friday, it will be looked at by our team on Monday morning.

As a monthly subscriber, you can request an unlimited number of changes/revisions to the work. We will keep revising until you are 100% happy. As a pay-per-task client, we will keep revising your task until you are 100% satisfied.

Yes, you can request the same task as many times as you need.

You can request and queue as many tasks as you need, however DoneMaker works on 1 active task at a time and it takes DoneMaker 1 business day to complete a task.

Yes, you can buy and stack plans in order to have multiple active tasks at the same time.

All of our plans can be used by an agency, however we do have agency discounts for stacking monthly plans. Our agency discounts are made for agencies looking to offload a large volume of tasks in order to grow their client list and business.

DoneMaker is a Sercvice-As-A-Product system for outsourcing unlimited website services .DoneMaker combines the reliability of a Digital Agency, and the affordability of outsourcing projects or tasks to freelancers.

You own everything that is completed by DoneMaker.

No, our plans are month-to-month. You can cancel any time.

If you’d like to cancel your account, contact our team at [email protected] to request cancellation.


One AppSumo code = 1 Starter Task.  If they are looking to purchase a Starter Task, they can enter their AppSumo code as a coupon code upon checkout which will make the Task Cost update to $0 (Free).

DoneMaker has 3 types of tasks: Starter, Premium, and Elite tasks . The Premium and Elite tasks are worth more money when purchased normally, because they require more work.

AppSumo customers can purchase multiple codes and ‘stack’ them to convert 2 or 3 codes into 1 code for a Premium or Elite task.

How it works:

Stack 2 codes = 1 Premium Task (retailing at $60)

Stack 3 codes = 1 Elite Task (retailing at $100)

In order to ‘stack’ codes, contact us via the chat or by emailing [email protected] and provide us with your 2 or 3 codes, and we’ll send back 1 new code that unlocks a Premium or Elite level task for you.

Once you have your new coupon code, you can apply it the same way as a Starter task. Simply add a Premium or Elite task to the shopping cart, enter your new Premium or Elite coupon code, and the cost will be zeroed out to $0 (free).

For each website that you set up with DoneMaker, we follow an onboarding process and get to know you, your website(s), and brand(s) personally and we set up internal systems around each website to give you the best possible service. Because these is set up involved on our end, we set a limit of websites to our monthly plans. However, if you are an agency with many clients and would like to use DoneMaker, we can put together a custom plan for you with 10 or 20 sites or more.  Let us know how many sites, and if you are an agency or not, and we can work with you to come up with a custom package and custom pricing to meet your needs.

We normally charge a monthly plan to get unlimited tasks.  The AppSumo deal is a one-time fee for a single task (not unlimited). So you can purchase a single task at a discounted price through AppSumo, use that one task, and then purchase more tasks if you’d like – or upgrade to one of our monthly plans to unlock unlimited tasks queued per month.

1 AppSumo code = 1 ‘Starter’ level task.  You can request a Starter level task and use your single code in the ‘coupon’ box to redeem it and bring the cost of the task to $0 (Free). If you would like to stack your codes, you can exchange 2 AppSumo codes for 1 ‘Premium’ level task. Or 3 AppSumo codes for 1 ‘Elite’ level task.  If you’d like to stack two or more codes, let us know your codes and we’ll provide you with a new single coupon code that you can redeem for a Premium or Elite level task at checkout.